-Seamanscoin, a coin that will be applied to the global maritime industry and maritime platform, and which is a currency in the maritime market with strong security based on Webchain rather than TCP/IP.

-Practical coins that can be applied to real industries.

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∙ Applied to a huge market platform specialized in the world's oceans.

→ Practical coins

∙ Equipped with next-generation Webchain OT-OCN security technology in the security area, which is the core of coin, and establishment of a unique network system.

∙ Developer, founder of Industrial JAVA, Chairman Bruce khavar of the United States, is world-renowned in the IT field.

∙ Bitcoin transaction environment processes about 7 transactions per second & Ethereum transaction environment processes about 45 transactions per second, and Seamanscoin processes 15 million transactions per second with next-generation technology and OT-OCN transaction environment.

∙ Applying Seamanscoin to the huge ocean market, contributing to global ocean ESG with a practical coin and forming the highest level of cryptocurrency price in the future.

∙ In the future, SEAMANS PAY will be linked to build a global payment system.

∙ Environmentally friendly green coins.

A practical coin applied to the global maritime industry


Platform Usage

Introduce the functionality to use seamanscoinrewards within the platform. For instance, provide features where users can use accumulated rewards to make purchases, avail services, or obtain benefits within the platform.

Reward Program Implementation

Partnership Agreements

Collaborate with various partners to provide special benefits that can be accessed using seamanscoinrewards. This collaboration could involve partnerships with eco-friendly brands, sustainable businesses, or other relevant industries.

Establish a reward program that offers seamanscoinas rewards to participants in marine environmental protection initiatives, such as collecting marine debris or participating in conservation projects. Encourage high-quality participation and ensure that rewards are provided in a useful format for users.

Diverse Reward Offerings

Provide different benefits for various activities, offering users a range of choices. For example, users may receive different rewards for collecting a specific quantity of marine debris and uploading content.

Introduction of Donation or Exchange Programs

Prize Draws and Events

Implement programs where users can either donate their accumulated seamanscoin rewards or exchange them with other users. This fosters interaction among users and encourages ongoing participation.

Allow users to participate in prize draws or events using their accumulated seamanscoinrewards. This strategy helps motivate users to engage actively with the platform.

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Global Maritime Industry

& Platform


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Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane bridge in shipyard at sunrise

Contributing to Ocean ESG

Contributing to the marine waste problem.

Application of SEAMANSCOIN to the maritime industry

Gradual application to the marine industry platform.

Efficient coin applied to the global market.

Apply to the global market

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Seamanscoin's Technology

Seamanscoin's Technology

OT-OCN & Web Chain

Bruce Khavar is the creator of OT-OCN and Webchain.

OT-OCN (Operation Technology Operation Centric Network) is a new paradigm-based next-generation communication security platform (Infrastructure Platform) optimized for the future IT industry to solve various weaknesses of TCP/IP, the current Internet communication protocol.

OT-OCN encompasses next-generation networks and next-generation cybersecurity technologies. Webchain is a AISuper Cloud platform based on OT-OCN technology that combines the advantages of blockchain and Web, and is the mainnet system of Seamanscoin.

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About the developer


- Industrial Java Developers

- He has standardized with more than 50 multinational companies such as Sun Micro, IBM, HP, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Tokyo Electric Power Company, GM, BP, and Ford, and has applied Java to manufacturing industries in the United States, Germany, and Japan.

- Founding and core members of the Java Committee.

- Mitsubishi / Siemens / Sun Micro / BP petroleum joint project

- Smart GRID & Green energy project with Tokyo electric power in


- Oracle, Schneider Consultants

- Java Technology Contribution Award

- Received the Excellence Award from ISA TECH

- Gandhi Nonviolent Peace Prize

- Computerworld Honorary Recipient by Computerworld

- Graduated from UC Berkeley and majored in Computer Science

- Application of Siemens, Sun Micro, etc. to industry

- e-Gastation work installed at BP Petroleum

- Intelligent building and smart grid implemented to save energy

and power in Tokyo

- Various Ubiquitous solutions jointly developed with Mitsubishi

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